New Build EPC

New Build EPC, sometimes known as SBEM certificates or BRUKL Report, is the document required by Building Control to sign off a commercial new build. The report is produced twice, firstly at the design stage to show that the proposed building is expected to comply with the 2006 and 2010 amendments to Part L of the Building Regulations; secondly at the “as built’ stage to show that any changes that occurred during construction still comply with Part L.

To achieve a PASS, the fabric and building services should be no worse than the design limits set in the 2002 Regulations. In addition to this, the building must show a 15% or 20% CO2 emissions improvement, depending on the type of building involved. Furthermore, an additional 10% CO2 reduction must be gained through LZC, low and zero carbon energy sources.

It is expected that these design limits and improvement factors will be tightened up via the ADL2A amendments in 2013, 2016 & 2019.

Business Footprint Ltd is currently assessing the full ramifications of the Part L 2010 amendments.

Which Buildings Apply?

  • All new buildings other than dwellings
  • Extensions to existing buildings other than dwellings, if:
    1. the total useful floor area of the proposed extension is > 100 sqm
    2. the proposed extension is itself >25% of the total useful floor area of the existing building