On Friday there was more bad news for business owners who thought that carbon reduction and energy efficiency can be ignored.

All member states are to review their public building energy efficiency standards from January 2012.

Since current research shows that as things stand, the EU member states will only achieve  a 10% improvement, the European Council will review the 2020 target by 2013, with the view to pressing for even greater efficiency than currently attainable, in order to guarantee the 2020 20% efficiency target.

As Business Footprint has been saying for a long while now, those occupying commercial property or with commercial property investments need to think about this NOW if they wish to reduce their risk.

We provide bespoke recommendations from a range of services, such as Commercial EPCs, energy audits, FITs and grants advice, and air conditioning inspections which, if implemented will not only drastically cut Utility costs now, but will help shore up property investments for the future.