Recently the Carbon Trust released a particularly damning series of reports.

Firstly, it has found that big business has undervalued energy efficiency investments to the tune of £1.6bn. This was after 1000 investments between 2006 and 2009. They cite such reasons as the Landlord-Tenant divide and the low priority given to energy. We think that a lot of this activity goes hand-in-hand with undervaluing the RISKS involved in doing nothing.

The second report showed how the public sector could save £1bn through energy efficiency measures.

The third report revealed UK PLC to be lagging behind Europe, Germany in particular, in the attempts to generate new business opportunities from energy efficiency and sustainability. With the rise of new markets in Asia, Africa and South America – all of whom will have the same energy problems as us (if they are not having those problems already) this seems like the perfect opportunity for the UK to play a role in an industry that will be of global importance.